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Looking for something special for the sports fan in your life? Here are our top ten tips for finding memorabilia gifts!

  1. Set a Budget
    Make sure you know what you’re going to spend and what you can afford.
  2. Browse First
    Have a look about before deciding memorabilia is right for this gift. Get an idea of prices and availability
  3. Know the Sport
    You don’t need to be an avid fan, but make sure you know the major players and their popularity before you spend a fortune on the shirt of a one game midfielder from Luton Town’s 1957 team.
  4. Espionage!
    Do a little subtle snooping to find out who the recipient likes and how much! Be certain you’re getting them the right player or personalities memorabilia
  5. Think Size
    This gift is going to need to be stored somewhere, so if your item comes in a large frame or display case, it may end up stored in the attic waiting for the kids to move out to make room!
  6. Research
    Before buying a shirt glove from the 1985 Olympics it’s worth double checking Wikipedia or other trusted sites, as you may well discover there was no Olympics held that year!
  7. Order Early
    Due to some of the sizes and precious nature of memorabilia, it’s often a slow and sometimes expensive shipping process (Though ours is all inclusive)
  8. Confirm Authenticity
    If you’re not buying from a reputable supplier such as ourselves, look for the UACC accreditation or similar. If in doubt, ask a friend who has experience in memorabilia
  9. Consider a Voucher
    Sometimes memorabilia is a very personalised area to try shopping in. Consider getting a gift voucher from Allcourt Sports instead, ensuring the recipient will love their gift
  10. Visit Us
    Needless to say, the very best place to start is the Allcourt Sports Gift Category!

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