Carry that Sharpie – Everywhere!

There is absolutely no telling where you might run into your idols or even sports personalities in general.  Afterall, who doesn’t run into Starbucks every now and then?

This is why we recommend you carry your Sharpies everywhere!  You can even get mini Sharpies on keyrings now, to ensure it’s right there in your pocket whenever you need it!

Of course, having the pen doesn’t guarantee you anything.  Most people have no issue to offer their autograph whilst standing in line, but here are a few things to remember:

  1. Respect!
    Make sure you’re not interrupting them in anything personal or important.  He may be your favourite boxer but you’re not going to get anything good from asking a guy for his signature whilst he’s walking his daughter down the aisle.  Interrupting a family meal is just rude and demanding someone’s time is not acceptable.
  2. Reciprocity
    Some public figures charge for their autograph, after all as an extension of their highly cultivated brand, it’s a product in itself.  If you’re asking for more than one autograph or are asking clearly for sale, then the chances of being asked to pay are far higher.  Keep this in mind before you ask, and don’t expect to profit for nothing
  3. Responsibility
    It is entirely your responsibility to ensure the person you’re asking to sign your favourite baseball bat or boxing glove, is who you think they are.  It doesn’t matter how much Joe in Argos looks like Beckham, if it’s not him then the signature is worthless.  In fact, trying to sell an item signed by an imposter is fraud.  Even if you’re sure, it’s worth getting your item authenticated
  4. Relax
    Whatever your sporting hero means to you, take a deep breath and remain calm!  We’ve seen everything from fans playing possum silently staring and the living legend before them, to random babbling about how their named their pet guinie pig after the legend at age three!

Ali allawa

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