Calzaghe – The Best or Simply Undefeated?

Calzaghe. The Pride of Wales. 46 Wins. 0 Losses. Widely considered one of the greatest undefeated boxers in British boxing history. Whilst his legacy is undoubtedly impressive – does this rank him a better athlete than, for example, Nigel Benn? Who opened his career with a streak of 22 wins, 0 defeats – with every win accomplished by Knock Out. Or Chris Eubank? Whose 45 wins (Over half by KO) spanning 13 years made him a household name and widely recognised figure.

Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao

There is no doubting the pedigree of this boxing icon. Having won in all 3 Glamour Division championships (Flyweight, Featherweight and Heavyweight), won the Lineal Championships in 5 different weight classes, holding ten world titles – from which he also become the only ever eight-division world champion. If this overwhelming top sheet of accolades (which skim the surface of his career accomplishments) doesn’t impress – he’s also listed on the Forbes list of Worlds Highest Paid Athletes.

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Carry that Sharpie – Everywhere!

There is absolutely no telling where you might run into your idols or even sports personalities in general.  Afterall, who doesn’t run into Starbucks every now and then?

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